Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Little House" From Above and Below

In 1981, Gary Johnson, a fan of the "Little House" series was taking flying lessons from his brother who lived close to Simi Valley. One of the places that he saw during his lesson was the "Little House" set in Simi Valley. During his trip he took a few photos and later that same year even visited the set on the weekend so he wouldn't disturb filming. Below is his exciting story with some never before seen pictures of the set from above and below!

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(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Walnut Grove)

(Simi Valley, CA 1981, Little House) Notice the jack rabbit to the right of the house above the shadow. Also, you can see that the local cows made their mark around the house. The door was open and of course we couldn't resist checking it out. (We wiped our feet first!) Very real inside and out. Sorry no pictures inside just memories and of course the calico curtain souvenir given to my fiancée from a crew member.

(Simi Valley Ca 1981) I do remember this beautiful house being blown up.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981) Looks like the crew created a Minnesota snowstorm for a winter scene. I don't remember if this was the temporary blind school... maybe someone can help with that.
Sorry about the wingtip.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Little House entrance sign.)
The gate was to the left and then a quick right up the hill. I'd say Plum Creek was about 1/2 mile from this sign.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Little House) This is our favorite photo. Had it blown up and framed... it's hanging in my office at home. Glad the outhouse was vacant!

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Walnut Grove center of town)
Notice the teeter totter in lower right next to the Church/Schoolhouse.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Better shot of Walnut Grove)
Notice the blue and white stretch SUV I assume used to transport the cast and crew members. The set was so vast. Also, note the buckboards circled around the corral.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Aerial approach to Walnut Grove) Notice "The Pond" in foreground. Sorry about the lack of clarity.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981) Some of the incredible countryside leading up to Little House. Hard to believe this is less than 35 minutes from the center of downtown Los Angeles. My wife and
I love living in the area!

(Simi Valley, CA 1981 Little House) Notice Plum Creek was in operation fed by a modern day irrigation system. Also take note of the add-on kitchen on the back of house.

(Simi Valley, CA 1981) This is what made it so real to us as every structure was so spread out from the town and other houses.