Friday, September 11, 2009

Educating 4th Graders on "Little House"

September 11, what a day! A sad day in the USA as we remember those who fallen on September 11, 2001. To honor that our president made today national reading day so what does that mean? Bring on Halfpint! I was asked to go to our local elementary school today to read to children. My students were 4th graders. While walking into the classroom I had my large print version of "Little House in the Big Woods" I remember a little girl telling me while I make my way to my chair that she had already read that book and the entire series. I was amazed! At first, I thought she was pulling my leg but she started to talk about things in the books that only a reader would know.

So while I am at awe over this student I begin to give my "talk" (drum-roll)

Before I start, I always open up to the class if they have ever seen the TV show or ready any of the books. I already knew one student had but the others started to say no, but a few have seen the Michael Landon series. To win the time and attention of these students I needed to come up with something that would make them think but be fun at the same time. I told them all to close their eyes and think about life without no Internet, Computers, Video Games, TVs just books and long prairie fields. I then shared this was how Laura lived. So I started to read and share pictures and answer questions as I went a long.

What I found amazing was how interested the students really were. Students who I thought wouldn't event care did. I remember leaving and having one of the students ask me if I was going to come back and finish the book. The teacher said I was always welcome back. I did share that if they enjoyed the books but dont like to read big books at a time to check out the chapter books. They are much smaller and cheaper which parents like :)

Overall, I'm glad I was able to bring JOY to young minds today on such as sad day for our country.

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